EPSON EH-LS800W Gaming Projector

EPSON EH-LS800W Gaming Projector

The 🎥🎥 EPSON EH-LS800W 📽📽 Projector boasts a sleek and modern design that blends well with any setting. Its compact form factor makes it portable and easy to carry around. The build quality is excellent, with durable materials ensuring longevity.

The projector’s aesthetic appeal and sturdy construction make it an attractive choice for both home and professional use.


With its advanced laser light source and 4K enhancement technology, the EPSON EH-LS800W delivers stunning image quality. It supports high dynamic range (HDR) content, providing vibrant colors, deep blacks, and exceptional contrast. The projector’s high resolution and superior image processing capabilities result in sharp and detailed visuals, bringing movies, presentations, and games to life.


The performance of the EPSON EH-LS800W Projector is outstanding. It features a high brightness rating, ensuring clear and vivid images even in well-lit environments. The projector’s impressive contrast ratio enhances the viewing experience by delivering deep blacks and bright whites.

Additionally, its quick response time eliminates motion blur, making it suitable for fast-paced action scenes and gaming.

Connectivity Options

The EH-LS800W offers a wide range of connectivity options to cater to various devices. It includes multiple HDMI ports, USB ports, and an Ethernet port for seamless integration with external devices such as laptops, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and streaming devices.

The projector also supports wireless connectivity, enabling convenient screen mirroring and streaming from compatible devices.

User Interface and Control

The user interface of the EPSON EH-LS800W is intuitive and user-friendly. It provides easy access to settings, image adjustments, and other functions through a well-organized menu system.

The included remote control offers smooth navigation and quick access to essential features. The projector’s control options ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable user experience.

EPSON EH-LS800W Gaming Projector

Installation and Setup

Setting up the EPSON EH-LS800W is a straightforward process. It offers flexible installation options, including ceiling mount, tabletop, or rear projection. The projector features motorized lens shift, zoom, and focus, allowing precise positioning and adjustment.

The built-in keystone correction ensures distortion-free images, even when the projector is not perfectly aligned with the screen.

Sound Quality

While the EPSON EH-LS800W offers decent built-in speakers, they might not match the audio quality of dedicated sound systems. For an immersive experience, it is recommended to connect external speakers or a home theater audio setup to the projector.

The projector supports various audio outputs, enabling seamless integration with different sound systems.

Energy Efficiency

The EH-LS800W is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It incorporates Eco Mode, which reduces power consumption and extends the lamp life without compromising image quality.

The projector also features an auto power-off function, which turns off the device when no signal is detected for a specific period. These energy-saving features make the EH-LS800W an environmentally friendly choice.

EPSON EH-LS800W Gaming Projector

Maintenance and Support

EPSON is renowned for its excellent customer support and after-sales service. In case of any issues or queries, the company provides comprehensive documentation, online resources, and a dedicated customer support team.

The projector’s lamp life is impressive, ensuring long-term usage without frequent replacements. EPSON’s commitment to quality and support adds value to the overall ownership experience.

Price and Value for Money

Considering its feature set and performance, the EPSON EH-LS800W Projector offers excellent value for money. While it may have a higher price point compared to entry-level projectors, its advanced technologies, image quality, and versatility justify the investment.

Whether for home theater enthusiasts, professional presenters, or avid gamers, the EH-LS800W delivers a premium experience worth the price.

Pros and Cons


Stunning 4K image quality with HDR support
High brightness and contrast ratio
Wide range of connectivity options
Intuitive user interface and control options
Flexible installation and setup
Energy-efficient operation
Excellent customer support and maintenance


Built-in speakers could be improved for better audio quality
Higher price point compared to entry-level projectors


The EPSON EH-LS800W Projector is a top-tier choice for those seeking a high-performance projector with exceptional image quality. Its advanced features, intuitive controls, and flexibility make it suitable for a variety of applications. While it may require additional audio setup for optimal sound quality, its overall performance, durability, and value for money make it a worthwhile investment for both personal and professional use.

EPSON EH-LS800W Gaming Projector


1. Can the EPSON EH-LS800W Projector display 3D content?
Yes, the EH-LS800W is 3D capable when used with compatible 3D content and glasses.

2. What is the lamp life of the EPSON EH-LS800W Projector?
The projector’s lamp life can vary depending on usage and settings. However, on average, it can last up to 5,000 to 7,000 hours in normal mode and up to 10,000 to 20,000 hours in Eco Mode.

3. Does the EPSON EH-LS800W support wireless screen mirroring?
Yes, the projector supports wireless screen mirroring through compatible devices using Miracast or Epson’s iProjection app.

4. Can the EPSON EH-LS800W be ceiling-mounted?
Yes, the projector offers ceiling mount compatibility and includes motorized lens shift for easy adjustment.

5. Does the EPSON EH-LS800W have built-in streaming apps?
No, the EH-LS800W does not have built-in streaming apps. However, it supports external streaming devices connected through its HDMI or USB ports.

EPSON EH-LS800W Gaming Projector

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