Crown XLS2002 Amplifier Review

Crown XLS2002 Amplifier

When it comes to amplifiers, Crown is a well-respected name in the audio industry. The Crown XLS2002 Amplifier is part of their renowned XLS DriveCore 2 series, known for delivering high-quality sound reproduction and reliability.

Whether you’re a musician, DJ, or a home audio enthusiast, the XLS2002 offers a compelling set of features that make it a worthy consideration.


The Crown XLS2002 Amplifier is a two-channel power amplifier capable of delivering 2100 watts of clean power. It features a lightweight design without compromising on performance, making it suitable for both portable setups and fixed installations.

The amplifier utilizes Crown’s innovative DriveCore technology, which integrates the amplifier drive stage into the power output stage, resulting in enhanced efficiency and reliability.

Power Output
The XLS2002 offers a maximum power output of 2100 watts at 4 ohms bridged and 650 watts per channel at 4 ohms. This ample power output ensures that the amplifier can drive a wide range of speakers, including large passive PA systems and demanding subwoofers.

Signal Processing
Equipped with advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing), the XLS2002 allows for precise control over the audio signal. It features built-in filters, crossovers, EQ, and delay functions, enabling users to tailor the sound to their specific needs. The DSP section also includes a subharmonic synthesizer that adds depth and impact to the low-frequency content.

Connectivity Options
The XLS2002 provides a comprehensive set of connectivity options, including balanced XLR inputs, RCA inputs, and Speakon outputs. This versatility allows for easy integration with various audio sources and speaker configurations. The amplifier also features a loop-thru output, enabling daisy-chaining multiple amplifiers for larger setups.

User-Friendly Interface
Crown has designed the XLS2002 with user-friendliness in mind. The front panel features a clear LCD screen that provides essential information such as input/output levels, temperature, and protection status. The intuitive navigation buttons and knobs make it easy to access and adjust the amplifier’s settings, even in low-light environments.

Design and Build Quality
In terms of design, the Crown XLS2002 Amplifier boasts a sleek and compact form factor. The amplifier’s lightweight chassis is constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and easy transportation.

The front panel is elegantly laid out, allowing for quick and hassle-free operation. The XLS2002’s overall build quality exudes reliability and professionalism, making it suitable for both touring and fixed installations.

Power and Efficiency
One of the standout aspects of the XLS2002 Amplifier is its impressive power output and efficiency. The amplifier’s DriveCore technology ensures efficient power utilization, resulting in minimal heat generation and energy consumption. This feature makes the XLS2002 ideal for extended use without the risk of overheating or excessive power bills.

Clarity and Detail
When it comes to sound quality, the Crown XLS2002 excels in delivering clear and detailed audio reproduction. The amplifier’s high signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion contribute to an accurate and transparent sound.

Whether you’re listening to music, watching movies, or using it for live performances, the XLS2002 faithfully reproduces the audio source, capturing the nuances and dynamics with precision.

Dynamic Range
The XLS2002 offers an impressive dynamic range, allowing for both quiet and loud passages to be reproduced accurately.

This characteristic is particularly crucial for audio applications that demand a wide dynamic range, such as live concerts or movie theaters. With the XLS2002, you can expect an immersive listening experience that retains the impact and subtleties of the original content.

Reliability is paramount when choosing an amplifier, especially for professional applications. The Crown XLS2002 has a solid reputation for its robust construction and long-lasting performance.

the amplifier’s protection circuitry safeguards against overheating, short circuits, and other electrical faults, ensuring uninterrupted operation even under demanding conditions. This reliability factor has made the XLS2002 a trusted choice among industry professionals.

Application and Versatility
The Crown XLS2002 Amplifier’s versatility shines through its wide range of applications. Whether you’re a musician performing on stage, a DJ at a club, or a sound engineer setting up a home theater system, the XLS2002 adapts to various scenarios with ease.

Its ample power output, flexible connectivity options, and comprehensive signal processing capabilities make it a reliable and adaptable choice for any audio setup.

Pricing and Value for Money
Considering its performance, features, and reputation, the Crown XLS2002 Amplifier offers excellent value for money.

While it may not be the cheapest amplifier on the market, the XLS2002 justifies its price tag with its exceptional sound quality, reliability, and versatility. The long-term benefits of investing in a high-quality amplifier like the XLS2002 make it a worthwhile investment for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Pros and Cons


High power output and efficiency
Advanced DSP for precise signal control
Versatile connectivity options
User-friendly interface and controls
Durable and reliable construction


May be cost-prohibitive for budget-conscious users
Lack of wireless connectivity options
Comparison with Similar Amplifiers

In comparison to other amplifiers within its class, the Crown XLS2002 holds its ground admirably. Its combination of power, efficiency, sound quality, and reliability puts it on par with some of the top contenders in the market. However, it’s always essential to compare specific features, pricing, and user reviews to determine the best fit for your unique requirements.

In conclusion, the Crown XLS2002 Amplifier stands as a formidable option for anyone seeking a powerful, reliable, and versatile audio amplifier. Its combination of advanced features, efficient design, and exceptional sound quality make it a worthy investment for both professional and home audio setups.

Whether you’re a musician, DJ, or simply an audio enthusiast, the XLS2002 delivers the performance and reliability you need to elevate your listening experience.

CROWN XLS2002 Amplifier

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